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Financial expertise in all aspects of FMCG, ERP implementation, conflict resolution, financial analysis and process improvement.

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At AlfredI Consulting we provide financial acumen, manufacturing excellence and best practice solutions and reporting. With over 30 years’ financial and operational experience within large FMCG multinationals, medium sized manufacturing operations and smaller proprierty companies we have the knowledge and passion to partner with your business. Sound knowledge of most large ERP systems (Dynamics AX, SAP, Pronto, MFG Pro, etc.) and thorough knowledge of Office and various BI platforms. We are confident working within all levels of an organisation with an emphasis on process improvements, cost & manufacturing efficiencies, building best practice, and helping deliver forecasted results.

Business partners are:

Debbie Black of Blackforrest Consulting will work collaboratively with you and your business with a focus on providing tailored cost effective business and personal solutions. Managing Practitioner Deb Black has over 30 years’ international experience as a Resolution Facilitator and Director, having worked across a number of industries including the Banking and Finance industry and in diverse aspects of Industrial Relations. Deb has a proven track record of facilitating positive outcomes for business and individuals. Deb’s focus is on working with business and individuals to provide sustainable solutions to challenges regardless of the business sector. As a consultant Deb understands the benefit of providing services to organisations to improve capacity and skills through training, mentoring and coaching and addressing physical health and wellbeing issues. This leads to productive team dynamics and helps promote team communication and improve productivity. Deb also provides strategic planning and professional mentoring services. Deb’s expertise covers industrial relations, sustainable change management, workforce development, leadership development, innovation and strategy, risk management, Work Health and Safety and conflict resolution and conflict coaching.

Michael Zarb of Focus Dynamics Group have in depth process knowledge across various business models and have achieved great success across Retail, Discrete and Process Manufacturing, and Distribution Industries. They deliver businesses digital transformations using a range of Microsoft business application technologies.

Organisations our team have supported

Our team has worked with or been employed by the following organisation:

  • Goodman Fielder Ltd
  • Asahi Premium Beverages
  • Suntime Footwear (proprierty) Ltd
  • Accenture
  • Republic Umbrella Manufacturers (proprierty) Ltd
  • Manumatic Industries (proprierty) Ltd
  • Kleins Jewellery
  • SPC
  • Edwards Dunlop Paper
  • Bahn Thai Restaurant
  • Redwin (proprierty) Ltd
  • Lipa Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Some Services We

Setting and execution of an organisation’s strategy

  • Implementing strategic growth plans local and new overseas markets.
  • Provide financial leadership in the development of new products and breaking into sub categories.
  • Performing ABC modelling to eliminate non profitable products and identify where businesses should focus their capabilities.

Driving financial & commercial outcomes providing - insights, governance and processes

  • Provide financial and commercial acumen as to where products should be manufactured and subsequent method of delivered.
  • Evaluation of production facilities, layout, staffing, asset utilisation, and cost of products manufactured.
  • Evaluate process and procedures to improve compliance and best practice.

Understanding the need to be ‘hands on’ and still oscillate to address the ‘big picture’.

  • Document and audit specific detailed requirements and abnormalities to drive the larger priorities of growth, sustainability, efficiency and profitability.
  • Implementation of new ERP systems and development of best quality BI
  • UAT testing and development of processes, staff and best practice.
  • Analyse the law of diminishing time versus value

Provide Leadership for people and develop teams and individuals to improve critical business decisions & efficiency

  • Develop people and ideas.
  • Assess opportunities to build and develop strong cohesive teams
  • Assess the need for a Transformation Program, cross training and reporting lines.
  • Deliver a “finance for non-finance managers” course to highlight their contribution to the business.

Identify our audience to work with and engage all stakeholders

  • Our team have not only worked with “the C-suit” but also held positions in such roles, as well as blue- and white-collar positions.
  • This gives us a unique insight as to the needs and ambitions of all employees and stakeholders with organisations.
  • Being involved in decisions from EBA discussions, staff benefits and office design to refinancing, listing ventures, fund raising, contract negotiations, major capex decisions to future strategy and growth.

Mitigating risk and safeguarding assets ensuring rigorous internal control.

  • Evaluate internal controls and eliminate delays in the recording and reconciliation of all assets
  • Implementation of BAU processes to reducing SLOB inventory, asset shrinkage, receipting and distribution as well as identify internal control weaknesses.
  • Review of insurance cover and rates, access points to the site, systems, data and security.

Want To Know What Our Clients Are Saying?

David Frizzell

SPC (Head of Manufacturing)

Alfred is an experienced, pragmatic professional. Quick to identify opportunities and to partner with stakeholders to deliver solutions. Very broad range of skills, ready to assist in a friendly, positive manner.

John Harden

SPC (Group Financial Controller)

Alf was a colleague of mine at SPC during some quite difficult times with including dealing with a challenging implementation of a new ERP system and changes to the Executive team. I found Alf’s calm, level headed demeanour impressive as significant issues were arising virtually daily that had to be dealt with. Alf’s experience & ability to effectively manage concurrent competing priorities was what stood out to me. Alf has great interpersonal skills that enable him to communicate very well with different levels & across different functions in the organisation. A genuine team player. Always put the team first and endeavoured to improve the broader finance team, not just his own department.

Caio Rizzo Cesar

Accenture – (Business Process)

I was fortunate enough to work at Accenture with Alfred on a large and complex multi releases ERP implementation. I was leading the business process team and Alfred came onboard as a SME in finance. Having him on the team just set the bar even higher. The quality of conversations, solutions and final deliverables were directly impacted by Alfred’s deep finance expertise. Alfred not only helped on technical finance matter but was also as great leader to have on our side, going into hard conversations with the client to support his team. Alfred also established a great reputation and rapport with the client leadership, going above and beyond his role for Accenture. Any organisation will be fortunate to have him on their team.

Katie Kirchner

Goodman Fielder (internal audit)

Alfred has strong financial and operations knowledge, he provided great support of my operational audit review in 4 plants in Melbourne and 2 plants in Adelaide and 1 in Hobart over the past five years. Alfred is a leader, a mentor, and a great friend to work with!

Will Stark

Goodman Fielder (National Logistics Manager)

I worked with Alfred for several years at Goodman Fielder, Alfred was very diligent and provided great finance numbers and presentations to all functions of the business. Alfred was always very supportive producing reports during busy times, he would often work long hours in order to ensure the business decisions were based on the most current data.

Clive Rudd

Distillers Corp. East London (Group Purchasing Manager)

Alfred is innovative, discerning and tactful in dealing with some very sensitive issues, particularly with regard to employee performance and contribution to the team goal, part of his remit was to suggest possible staff restructuring and cost saving initiatives. His work was of a very high calibre and I would not hesitate to re-engage his services in the future.

Merlin Stols

Republic Umbrella Manufacturers (Managing Director)

He gives his all to the task at hand and is not shy to stand up for what he believes in and the right thing for the business as a whole. Carried out his duties as you would expect from a high-quality professional employed by a listed multinational concern.

Sayed Bux

Suntime Footwear (Managing Director)

Alfred is honest to a fault and a great team leader; he is enthusiastic and give his full effort and attention to what he undertakes. The staff have grown to admire and respect him over the years and I’m sure I speak for all of them when I say it has been a pleasure working with him.

Gavin Clifford

Original Juice Company (General Manager)

Alfred is a great asset, has a full understanding of how all parts of a business gel together, he looks to see where and how people and resources can add value to a business and utilizes their full capability; a great team player.

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